Bomb Calorimeter(FQ-BCAL-01)

  • Calorimeter outer container: Aluminium with rolled rim
  • Shape of the container: Cylindrical
  • Type of top cover: Sliding
  • Calorimeter vessel: Aluminium
  • Calorimeter vessel size (Height x dia), in mm: 100×75
Product Description Calorimeter for laboratory
Purpose To demonstrate the measurement of the amount of heat released or absorbed in chemical or physical reactions and also physical changes as well as heat capacity
Utility Science laboratories in schools

Calorimeter outer container Aluminium with rolled rim
Shape of the container Cylindrical
Type of top cover Sliding
Calorimeter vessel Aluminium
Calorimeter vessel size (Height x dia), in mm 100×75
Weight of vessel in gm marked on Calometer Yes
Material of Stirrer Copper
Stirrer with loop at the bottom to fit inside the Calorimeter Yes
Stirrer size (Height x dia), in mm, (min) 100 x 3.5
Thermometer holder, removable Nickle plated brass
Insulating material filled between the Calometer vessel and outer container Felt (Textile material)
The product with all its detatchable accessories is suitably packed to avoid transit damage Yes
Manufacturer facility certification available “ISO:9001 (Latest)”
Product catelogue and user manual provided along with supplies Yes

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